Technical Information

Light and Bollard Pole Bases

Technical Considerations

Finding the right solution for the circumstance is easy. Here are the things to consider when requesting a quote:

Height of pole

Type of pole (Round, Square)

Diameter or Width of pole

Type and quantity of light fixtures

Height of base above grade

Project location (for wind zone and freight calculations)

Soil conditions if other than “sandy soil”

Once this information is acquired, we can guide you to the right pole base for your needs. Should the project fall outside of the normal LPB Extended Design Table parameters, then we can provide a preliminary review of the parameters and confirm base type required or ‘Signed & Sealed’ Engineering within 48 hours.

EV Blocks

Technical Considerations

It is estimated that there is a need for 120,000 more EV Chargers in Florida by the year 2030. Stock24 is your supplier for this universal base, that works with any Level 2 charging station.

Note that the Standard EV Block is 22” x 22” and 24” tall. The size and mass of the Standard EV Block makes it ideal for nearly all Level 2 charger installations.

In cases where regional frost depth requirements exceed 24”, plan to excavate to 6” beyond the frost depth requirement and backfill with non-frost- susceptible fill such as gravel.

Ensure your Level 2 charger bolting fits within the 13”x13” bolting area of the adaptor plate.

Anchor bolt and conduit are drilled onsite making EV Blocks universally adaptable.


LPB Extended Design Tables

Critical resource to help you match Stock 24’s 6-foot and 8-foot bases to project requirements

LPB Extended Design Tables Addendum
LPB Engineering Manual

Everything you need pertaining to anchoring, foundation, and design considerations

Installation Manual

All of the technical information you need to execute your project with our light pole bases

Bolt and Grout Installation Manual
Florida Wind Zone Map

Reference for contractors located in Florida

ASCE Hazard Tool

Reference for contractors located in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina

Pole Base Brochure


EV Charging  Brochure



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