About Us

A note about our business and approach from Jeff Davis, Owner of Stock 24.

STOCK 24 is a family-owned business.  Jeff and Kim (married since 1989) are 100% owners, with our twin sons leading the production and sales/estimating departments.  The rest of our team is carefully selected based on good character, hard work, and customer-oriented, ethical behavior.

As we say on every quotation…Our Best Reward is a Happy Customer!”

From past PEC sales experience I have seen the typical challenges with “normal” precast pole bases, particularly when servicing YOUR demanding schedules.  Procuring bases with “other” precasters requires precise coordination of conduit configurations, bolt circle patterns, job-specific shop drawings, and delivery of pre-assembled embedded items to the precast plant by your Project Manager plus a 6-8 week wait time for production schedule.

The precaster must match incoming materials with the correct base, manufacture in variable heights (measured in inches – what a pain!), create & install bolt circle jigs & conduits to exact measurements without filling the pipes with concrete (making the whole base unusable).

For me, this seemed like an exhaustingly difficult procedure…for what should be such a simple product.  We at STOCK 24 POLE BASE CORP teamed up with a renowned precast Licensor RECON / LPB along with a highly respected PE with decades of experience in this specific genre…and have invested heavily to create a new business that solves all these common headaches.  We recently doubled our production capacity to ensure availability for current demand and for the opportunity to offer services to YOU.  I am confident our solution and pricing will create layers of savings for 75% of your projects requiring pole bases…from procurement, project scheduling, project management, and on-site labor costs.

Because STOCK 24 covers the cost of inventory to ensure immediate availability, we propose favorable payment terms for STOCK 24 and favorable volume discounts for you!  I look forward to discussing further how STOCK 24 can help make your site lighting schedule EASY!

Jeffrey M. Davis – Founder & President